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The Archery Range offers 10 lanes, with a maximum of 2 people per lane. We allow archerers to shoot from multiple distances of 10/15 meters and 15/25 yards.

Same day scheduling is available starting at $7 an hour, per person. Monthly and yearly memberships are available.

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Archery Range Safety Rules and Procedures

These Range Safety Rules and Procedures (“Range Rules”) have been established to ensure the safety of those individuals who use this facility and the safety of the public at large. The rules, regulations, and procedures are to ensure the continuity of this facility and the continued safety of the neighbors of this facility. The Range Rules, and all Federal, State, and local laws must be adhered to at all times.

The use of the Archery Range at Full Metal Armory Range is a privilege, and the use of firearms, archery equipment, and blades, is an inherently dangerous activity. Your activities and actions must always be conducted in a manner that isconsistent to safeguard yourself and others against harm or injury, and property against damage and destruction.

The Range Rules shall be adhered to in order to protect the lives and safety of all, and to preserve your privilege. Full Metal Armory Range reserves the right to update or modify these Range Rules at any time.

Failure to follow these Range Rules will result in your removal from Full Metal Armory Range and possiblelegal action. Full Metal Armory Range shall have the authority to take immediate action to suspend privileges of any individual who violates these Range Rules.

Ages: Person(s) must be 18 years of age or older to participate at the Range. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 will be allowed to enter the firing range and participate only under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Children that are under the age of 12 years of age may be permitted to enter the archery range and participate under the supervision of a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian assumes all responsibility and liability for the participation of minors under their supervision at all times.

Rules for Archery Lanes

1. Cross lane firing or firing at anything other than your own target in your assigned lane is strictly prohibited.

2. Walk and DO NOT RUN toward the target when retrieving your arrows and then get back to the line.

3. If you drop an arrow, leave it on the ground.

4. Never step in front of the shooting line to retrieve arrows until range is clear.

5. Sky drawing is PROHIBITED. Bows are only to be drawn at the shooting line and in the direction of the targets.

6. Only nock an arrow when you are instructed to do so by Range staff.

7. Upon completion of an Archery Range session, the following procedures should always be followed: clean uparound your area by eliminating any trash and placing it in the receptacle provided. Promptly return to counter at the completion of your session to return any rental equipment.

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